Louisiana Cypress Turtle Farm, LLC




Michael and Emma Hebert
159 North Bay Road
Pierre Part, Louisiana 70339
Telephone: 985-252-9393
Fax: 985-252-9195
E-mail: emma@laturtles.com

Louisiana Cypress Turtle Farm, LLC, was formed by Michael and Emma Hebert utilizing Michael's 30 years of experience farm raising the vibrant red-eared slider. The farm's beginning was originally a part of Wilton Hebert Turtle Farm which was owned by Michael's father, Wilton Hebert Sr., who had his start in the business in early 1960. What started out as a partnership with his brother grew into a private venture where he could apply his expertise and knowledge of the turtle farming industry to make his company flourish. His willingness and ability to accept and use new technology enabled him to achieve tremendous growth and prosperity. This is where Michael gained his knowledge of hatching baby green turtles in a farm setting.

Michael and Emma are active participants in the development of this growing industry. They are members of the Louisiana Turtle Farmers Association, Inc. of which Michael has served as an officer for 12 years. They are also members of PIJAC, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Commission. Yearly they participate in Doctor Ron Siebeling's continuing research for the control of salmonella conducted at the Louisiana State University Biology Department. Louisiana Cypress Turtle Farm's goal is to provide the healthiest, active pet turtles possible for the long term enjoyment of their adopted families.

In recent years we have expanded our business to include the sales of turtles for the food market. Our goal in this aspect of the business is to provide the highest quality turtle for the food market. We are able to supply the domestic and foreign food markets.

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